Oakland, January 2013
Otsuchi, March 2013
Tono, March 2013
San Francisco, November 2013
Ishinomaki, March 2013
Oakland, January 2013
Otsuchi, March 2013
Berkeley, May 2012
Sendai, March 2013
Kesennuma, March 2013

"Akira Tana’s wonderful group is truly doing something very special here and it is a fine example of how music can break down cultural barriers and expose the commonality within us all." — Jazz Inside

"The quartet has created a gorgeous body of music interpreting traditional and contemporary Japanese melodies through the lens of jazz." — San Jose Mercury News

"Performance seemed love-filled and compassionate. At times it felt like a lullaby; no wonder the children slept. It was exquisite." — San Jose Mercury News

Akira Tana — Drums & Leader
Masaru Koga — Sax, Flute & Shakuhachi
Art Hirahara — Piano
Noriyuki "Ken" Okada — Bass
Saki Kono — Guest Vocalist

Watch the beautiful documentary film created by Sara Pettinella to re-experience our Japan Tour 2014!