Oakland, January 2013
Otsuchi, March 2013
Tono, March 2013
San Francisco, November 2013
Ishinomaki, March 2013
Oakland, January 2013
Otsuchi, March 2013
Berkeley, May 2012
Sendai, March 2013
Kesennuma, March 2013

It's been 4 years since the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami but there are still more than 200,000 people living away from home. It wasn't until recently that people started to see visible progress such as raising the ground to prepare for future tsunami inundation or constructing the foundation of houses. The focus of aiding Tohoku, or northeastern Japan, is shifting from physical reconstruction to psychological support to the sufferers.

We feel that the power of music is an effective way to help connect their spirit to the emotional demands of healing. This is why Otonowa is going to Tohoku again this August for the third time. Our time and efforts are our donation to the cause. Let us not forget!



Aug 20Iwaki, FukushimaHigashi-Nihon International University
Aug 21Minami-soma, FukushimaJas-mall Food Court
Aug 22Fukushima, FukushimaChannel Square
Aug 23Otsuchi, IwateHotel Hamagiku
Aug 24Otsuchi, IwateOtsuchi Chuo Komin-kan
Aug 25Ofunato, IwateTemporary Food Mall, Cafe Bar Reposer
Aug 26Rikuzentakata, IwateJazz Time Johnny
Aug 27Kesennuma, MiyagiHotel Tsunakan
Aug 29Ishinomaki, MiyagiTachimachi Temporary Shopping Mall
Aug 30Natori, MiyagiYuriage Fish Market, Victory Cafe
Sep 1Koenji, TokyoJIROKICHI
Sep 2Ginza, TokyoBar MUGEN
Sep 3Kawaguchi-koGuest Performance in Kawaguchi-ko Stellar Jam

Akira Tana — Drums & Leader
Masaru Koga — Sax, Flute & Shakuhachi
Art Hirahara — Piano
Noriyuki "Ken" Okada — Bass

Saki Kono — Guest Vocals
Tetsuya Tatsumi — Guest Trumpet

Watch the beautiful documentary film created by Sara Pettinella to re-experience our Japan Tour 2014!