Learn more about our project through interviews to our friends in Tohoku
and those from the US traveling with us in Japan

Meet Art Sato, teacher and radio host. One of the first jazz ambassadors who joined and supported Otonowa's tour in Japan (2016).

Meet Kasai-san, Otonowa's friend.
Since the 2011 tsunami, he has been proactive in supporting family, friends and community through music.

Meet Ryan Tana, son of Akira Tana, founder of Otonowa.
Ryan who moved to Tokyo a few years ago, joined the Otonowa tour for two days in the fall of 2016.

Watch our documentaries!

SOUNDCIRCLE - Documentary of Otonowa created by Sara Pettinella

Documentary of our Japan Tour 2014 created by Sara Pettinella

Photo Gallery

Tohoku Tour 2015

Tohoku Tour 2014